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Alchemy your path to being a Master of You

Are you a Spiritual,  Empathic entrepreneur?

Are you introverted?

Have you ever been called a Geek or Nerd?

Do you experience Anxiety, Depression?

Do you have trouble figuring out which emotions /physical feelings are yours and which are coming from other people?

Do you have trouble being still/silent so you can hear your intuition/divine guidance?

Does your mind run a million miles minute giving you difficulty to focus?

Do you have difficulty sleeping?

Do you get overwhelmed in crowds and social settings?

Do you desire to extend your life expectancy significantly giving you more Time?





Now how would you feel if you could be still stopping the thoughts in your mind and be focused within a breathe?

Being able to calm your mind ?

Being able distinguish what is you and what is someone else?

How you you feel being able to fall right asleep at night?

What would you accomplish if you lived a few hundred years?


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How to be calm as a Jedi

This is an Advanced program Teaches you how to

-Tame your monkey mind

-Calm you back down after emotions are heightened

-learn how to hear your intuition and distinguish it from the other voices in your head

-How to ground & center your mind

-And much more


If this interests you message me directly on my facebook page or click the link below to schedule your free discovery session to see if you qualify for this course.


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Focus session

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FREE #7dayJediAlchemychallenge

This is a one time course starting feb 27


During the FREE #7dayJediAlchemychallenge

You will learn the basics to be as still/calm as a #Jedi. It will start at noon est/ 9am pst monday feb 27th.

Learn #howto calm your mind and access the voice of the #force . This is a one time offer to participate in the challenge join the group

If you get here after feb 27th you will still be able to watch the recorded videos you just won't get to participate in the live Q&A after the lesson on the days you missed.

Do the challenge and be one of #thelastjedi

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Free Audio Meditation

Click the button to get a free audio meditation and our weekly newsletter